Differences Between Poker and Other Casino Gambling Games

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There is nothing quite as thrilling a laying down cold hard cash for the chance at big prizes. The bigger the risk the bigger, the thrills when it come to the glitz and glamour of casino games. When it comes to the exciting array of games of chance, however, one game stands apart.

What makes Poker different from other casino games?

Poker is unlike any other casino games online

Poker can be every bit as thrilling and exciting as slots, craps or blackjack, but there is much controversy about how different it is from the other games found on the casino floor. The controversy circles around the question, “Is poker a game of chance or a game of skill?”

The experts at webxcon have presented a list of the biggest differences you will notice between poker and other casino games. This is essential information to anyone who is interested in testing their mettle at this classic game. Here are the main points:

Biggest Differences Between Poker and Casino Games

1. Chance or Skill

The biggest difference between poker and the other games you will find in a casino is the list of champions: Why is it that there are consistent poker champions while games like blackjack or roulette see no such fortunes? Why is it that novice players and those with no talent lose over time while some go from victory to victory? Is this all luck?

If it were simply luck, why is it that names like Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius and Daniel Negreanu have become so famous? These big time players make an appearance at the championship finales consistently. They don’t even need professional careers, unless you consider the skills they apply to their game a career.

It is a deeper understanding of the poker games that allows these professionals to make it to the top again and again. There is no such deeper understanding of craps or slots that would allow such a consistent victory.

Pokers deeper strategies and dynamics can be studied and applied with deft skill for many consecutive wins, making this activity a game of skill and less a game of chance.

2. Bad Hands Can Still Win

Another aspect of poker that makes it unique in comparison with the other games on the casino floor, is that the hand you are presented is not what decides victory. In poker you can be dealt the worst hand imaginable and still come out on top through skillful execution of strategy and deception. This is another place where the skill, rather than chance, determines the winner.

You simply can’t approach any other casino game with skill and deception and hope for a win. If the symbols don’t line up, if the cards are bad or if the dice rolls snake eyes you lose, you lose. Unless you are playing poker.

The University of Denver published a report in 2012 that proved the vast majority (82%) of online poker games were decided without a showdown. This means that the way bets are handled and the cards are played that decides who comes out a winner.

(Click here to find some helpful information on coming out on top in a poker match by understanding the basics of bluffing)

3. No House Edge

House edge is what ensures the casino makes some cash off the services they provide. It could be said that games like blackjack, roulette and even slots are all “rigged”. It is necessary to beat the house edge in the short term, if you hope for success.

Without the house edge, casinos would hardly have a chance at making the fortunes they do. But, poker has no such “house edge”, instead the casino takes a portion from each “pot” that is created. The game is played against other visiting gamers rather than the house itself, as other games are. This means that deciding factor in poker is the capacity to “outplay” the other poker players at your table.

4. Chance VS. Risk and Uncertainty

The thrills of gambling come from the possibility of losing all that cash juxtaposed with the possibility of making a big win. But the chance of winning at the roll of the dice, is not the same risk involved in playing a hand of poker.

Imagine you have been dealt a two-pair hand in a game of Texas Hold'em and have convinced you partner to go all in. As you and your opponent reveal your cards you might feel confident when you see he is holding a flush draw, a flush without the final card.

Tension builds as the first card is turned, but it’s a brick (not the card he wanted). Then comes the river and with it the final card your opponent needed for the flush. You have lost to an underdog and many would consider this luck and chance determining the game.

But a skillful poker player knows the individual hand is not what matters when winning in poker, but the way the game is played in the long term. It may not be possible to guarantee the hands that are dealt, but it is possible to change the underlying strategy being applied to the game to ensure more individual wins than losses.

When you look at the game from this perspective, you can see that winning is not based on blind chance but on a mathematical certainty that is being decided by the most skilled person at the table.

In this sense, poker is as much a game of gambling as playing the stock market. While there is an extraordinary amount of uncertainty involved with the practice, winning comes from consistently clever decisions rather than fortune’s smile.

In Conclusion

There are plenty of factors that differentiate poker from the other games of chance found on the casino floor. Nevertheless, if you hope to be successful in the game of poker you will need to know why this game is so different and what the best approaches and strategies that bring domination in this highly competitive game of wits are.


SpinIt Online Casino Review

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SpinIt Online Casino Review

Established in 2016, Spinit Casino is one of the new kids on the block. But already it has been making waves, attracting legions of players and causing somewhat of a stir in the online gambling industry.

That’s because Spinit Casino is already big, it is already competing with the giants of the industry. If its first 12 months are anything to go by then Spinit Casino could be one of the biggest online casinos in the world in a very short space of time.

So, just what makes Spinit Casino so big and so impressive? How has this casino managed to find its way in such a competitive industry and what does the future hold for this exciting online casino?

What is SpinIt Online Casino?

Spinit Casino is a relatively new online casino that was founded as recently as 2016. Like many other online casinos it uses a combination of online casino software to offer its players a wealth of options for slot machines, table games, Live Dealer games and much more.

There are games that are exclusive to Spinit Casino, there are games that you will only find on a handful of other casinos, and there are also popular titles that are a little more common.

Spinit Casino also have an extensive offering of mobile games, including all kinds of table games, slots, video poker games and more. Spinit Casino is also fully licensed and there are a great number of banking options available.

You can’t use Bitcoin just yet, but that might change in the near future as more and more casinos are jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon.

SpinIt Online Casino Software

The main software on the Spinit Casino casino is Microgaming. This is the oldest and the biggest software in the world, and if you have any experience as an online gambler then you will know all of these games like the back of your hand.

That’s not all though as Spinit Casino also has games from Net Ent, everyone’s favorite secondary casino software. Net Ent don’t create as many games and they don’t offer a complete platform either. But what they do create is often fantastic, making them one of the most acclaimed and sought-after developers in the industry.

Other software used by Spinit Casino include Play n Go, NextGen Gaming, Nyx Interactive and Elk Studios. All of these names combine to create a wide spectrum of games covering a number of different categories and offering a total of over 300 games and climbing.

SpinIt Online Casino Banking Deposit Options

There are a huge number of ways that you can fund your Spinit Casino account. These range from common credit and debit cards, including MasterCard and Visa, to PayPal, Skrill and other web wallets.

There has been a bigger trend for greater variety in this department, and because Spinit Casino are a new casino, they have been at the head of that trend since the beginning. As a result, they also have a variety of instant banking options, prepaid cards and more, all of the new methods that seem to be gaining in popularity but have yet to take hold on the bigger and more established casinos.

SpinIt Online Casino bonuses and promotions

SpinIt Online Casino Withdrawal Options

The extensive list of banking options also extends to withdrawal methods. There aren’t as many withdrawal options as there are deposit options, but there are still plenty to keep even the pickiest player happy.

Just remember that if you deposit using a certain method then you will also need to withdraw via that same method. Except in the case of credit cards, which can not always be withdrawn to. So, if you deposit with a credit card then you must be prepared to add another payment method to your account in order to make a withdrawal.

SpinIt Online Casino Bonuses

Spinit Casino is brand new and keen to make an impact. As a result, it offers a number of big bonuses to attract new players. And it seems to be working.

You can get a huge matched deposit bonus as soon as you signup to Spinit Casino, and this can then be used on as many slots, table games or Live Dealer games as you want. The bonuses are paid out regardless of the payment method that you use, but you will need to unlock your play-through rate before you can make a withdrawal.

The Best Slots on SpinIt Online Casino

Some of the best slots on Spinit Casino include progressives like Mega Moolah, which come courtesy of Microgaming; 3D slots like Avalon II and Guns ’n’ Roses, which are Microgaming and Net Ent respectively; and many others.

There are hundreds of slots to choose from and many of these are newer, bonus slots and video slots. Unlike many older casinos Spinit Casino don’t fill their slot machine section with the sort of limited, poorly put-together slots that very few players are interested in but that the developers continue to churn out. As a result, you are guaranteed a sizable selection of only the highest quality slots.

Not all of these will appeal to you, of course. But with so many on offer, you are sure to find a few new favorites.

The Best Table Games on SpinIt Online Casino

Some of the best table games on the Spinit Casino come via their Live Dealer section. This software is provided by Evolution Gaming, yet another big name developer that you can find on Spinit Casino.

The Live Dealer section includes all of your favorite table games, including blackjack and roulette. But there are also other games to try out and this section is growing all of the time. Some of our favorite games include Hold’em Poker. This is a rare find on Live Dealer games, which has made it one of the most popular games on the Spinit Casino Live Dealer section.

You are still playing against the house, but as with any other game of Hold’em, a little skill and a little knowledge can go a very long way. If this is not quite your thing then there are also games of live baccarat. This is more of a luck-based game, but it’s one that is just as popular and one that is just as fun when played in this semi-virtual setting.


Still have a few questions about Spinit Casino? Not sure whether you’re ready to signup? These frequently asked questions might be able to help you out.

Can I Use My Android Device on SpinIt Online Casino?

There are more mobile gamblers than desktop gamblers these days, and many of them are using Android devices. So, whether you have a Samsung phone, a Google tablet or any other Android device then you should not have any issues playing on Spinit Casino.

You don’t need to download anything either. Both the Spinit Casino desktop casino and the Spinit Casino mobile casino is available as an Instant Play casino. This is becoming more and more popular in this day and age as players just don’t want to download software and overload their devices.

Can I Use my iPhone on SpinIt Online Casino?

Spinit Casino is just as compatible with your Apple device as it is with you Android device. And it doesn't stop there either, as Spinit Casino works on all mobile platforms, including Windows.

Many players actually prefer to play on their iPhone, as the advance OS, the retina display and everything else that comes with this device makes for a great online gambling experience.

SpinIt Online Casino on Android and Apple

What Is Spinit Casino Customer Support Like?

Spinit Casino is generally very professional. We certainly haven’t had any issues and you will be hard pressed to find any issues online.

The best way to get in touch with the Spinit Casino customer support is by Live Chat. This feature is very helpful. There are no long queues and you can generally get a response to your query within a matter of seconds.

The only issue we have with this facility is that it isn’t open 24 hours a day. It shuts between the hours of midnight and 8am, which can be very difficult if this is the only time that you gamble. Still, even if this is the case then there are also other ways that you can get in touch and all of these are just as attentive.

Am I Allowed to Join in My Country?

If gambling is legal in our country then you shouldn’t have any issue signing up to Spinit Casino. This isn’t always the case with other online casinos and because of recent rule changes, many of them have stopped players from the UK from joining, even though gambling is legal in that country.

However, not only do Spinit Casino allow players to join from the UK, but they are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. This is the official online gambling regulator in the United Kingdom. It guarantees a player’s safety in the UK (and indeed outside of it) and they also act as a meditator should anything happen.

In other words, if you do have a problem with Spinit Casino, then you can get the UK Gambling Commission on your side. Of course, with such a big, respected casino, it’s unlikely that you will encounter any problems, so you shouldn’t need their help.

If you are based in the United States or in many Asian countries then you won’t be able to join Spinit Casino as online gambling tends to be restricted. There are also restrictions on players joining from France, Spain, Denmark, Romania, Hungary, Israel, Iran and Turkey, either because gambling is illegal there, or because of issues with regulators.

Is SpinIt Online Casino Safe?

As mentioned above, Spinit Casino is regulated by all of the official authorities. As a result, it is perfectly safe and you are completely covered.

These authorities include the Malta Gaming Authority, who are the main regulators of Spinit Casino, and who also oversee some of the biggest casinos, sports books and poker sites in the world. There is also a Curacao eGaming authority onboard, and these allow Spinit Casino to operate in many South and Central American regions, as well as many regions outside of Europe.

Spinit Casino use the very best encryption technology to make sure you are safe when playing, when depositing and when withdrawing. They also use secure payment methods. Online casinos rarely leave any stones unturned when it comes to customer safety as this it’s something that their businesses rely upon, and Spinit Casino are no exception to that rule.

Is SpinIt Online Casino Fair?

Many of the Spinit Casino games come from Microgaming. These games are all fair as there payouts are all set by Microgaming themselves. The same goes for many of the other games that Spinit Casino use on their platform.

However, even away from the safety protocols initiated by the developers, there are also independent audits performed on the casino. These audits are there to ensure that the games they use have not been tampered with and that the odds, payouts and more that they promise are all legitimate.

The audit also looks at the security and the safety of the site, checking the validity of security certificates, digital encryption and more. To see this report for yourself just look for the auditor’s badge at the bottom of the Spinit Casino main page. This badge will display the eCogra name, known as an eCogra Seal of Approval.

When it comes to independent auditors, they don’t come much bigger than eCogra and just the presence of that badge should be enough to alleviate your concerns about fairness. However, we still recommend that you click the report and read it for yourself.


Spinit Casino has everything that you could ask for in an online casino. There are big bonuses, great games and fantastic customer support. It’s fast, attractive and effortless. If you’re looking for a new casino and want one of the best, then you need not look any further.

Spinit Casino has a very bright future and the ones most likely to benefit from that are the ones who join early and stay throughout.


What can you look for in a gambling site ?

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Often times, you will spot a good sites as soon as you'll see it. In a good online gambling site, like for example, it doesn’t matter if you can play poker, roulette, slot or baccarat, you'll be able to assess and know the site is good according to several points you can check. First is the design, a successful site will have a great design, one which is not only attractive in looks, but also has a great user interface, and it is very clear to you what are the games offered, how can you play it, and what are the bonuses you can get, which is a key to any gambling site to offer.

The sign ups and bonuses are absolutely crucial in detecting a good site. Always look for the best possible deals, since it's your money you play with (well at least that's the normal for most people) you want to ensure that. Comparison sites: can be off great help because they already provides with most of that info, and all you need to do is pick the one most suited to you.

But what else you should check when approaching sites to play on ? Site's traffic would be a great parameter to determine a good site. If it has considerable amount of traffic, it means that many other players also use that site. The crowd intelligent is always a great indication that you are in a good environment, and if so many people use the site, surly it's better than the other one available.

It’s a cold day and you’d rather stay inside. And this is no problem since you can enjoy baccarat online games with AllSlots any time that you want to. Select online baccarat real money games and have a great time.


Transform Your Fruits Into Gold With A Round Of Golden Sevens

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Slot machines keep on adding some new games, at every regular interval. The latest one in the kitty is Golden Sevens, where you get to turn fruits into pure gold! Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well, playing this classic and colorful form of the slot machine is enough to win millions of hearts, at the same time! It comprises of 20 lines, along with five reels online slot. These features will help you to land up with a progressive jackpot, in no time! So, all you need to do is just spin the reels and get your required cash.

Benefits for you

For securing some of your big winnings, you have 5, 10 and 20 win lines, across the 5 reels. Not only that but also this game will also provide you with the golden opportunity to hit massive jackpot if played in proper steps. The primary aim of this game is to match 3, 4 or even five identical symbols. That needs to be done in one winning line. The winning combination will start off from the first reel, located on the left side. Then it will continue to run to the last reel on the right, to create an active winning line in the regular game.

Going towards progressive jackpot

Well, remember one thing! Symbols in winning combination are asked to lie next to one another. No other symbol is allowed to come in between. Furthermore, this Golden Sevens comprises of common form of the progressive jackpot. These are meant for the bets, placed around here. If you can add 15 X to Sevens, then it might trigger the jackpot amount! Each stake comprises of its own set of progressive jackpot. The payout amount of this jackpot session starts around 10,000 times more than your present bet!

Get to the cores more

The current 5 X 3 Reel grid is said to provide players with the choice of going for 20 pay lines. Even the big hunters are said to be quite delighted, as there are less distractions over here. Now, the reels seem to be quite colorful and bright. So, that makes it quite catchy, especially during the current big-pot hunting sessions. For the high rollers, there is a chance of winning 40,000,000 coins. However, in case, you are a small stakes player, then you can always win more than 200,000 coins!

Various platforms to play over

For playing a round of this gamble game, you don’t have to look for any specific platform. There are various platforms, where you have the liberty to enjoy this game. It can be played on laptops or even on the desktop. So, if you want to play a round, while on the go, there are mobile versions available too. These mobile versions are meant for tablets, android smartphones, and for some iPhone models, as well!



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The internet is awash with potential criminality and security threats. No matter what happens online it can be a particularly unpredictable arena and when it comes to sharing sensitive data on the web, such as your personal information and credit card details for instance, you certainly need to have confidence and trust in the service you’re using. Industries like online gambling have had to battle against security issues and scam artists for years now so what is the best way to not get seduced by the dodgier casino sites that are unfortunately out there?

Online scammers and those phishing for your private information will often attempt to contact you via email with enticing proposals or free money, bonuses or other such deposit matching offers. These types of emails will include “faux” links to locations set up and branded to look and feel like the casino sites they’re promoting but the data you’re filling in to sign up or hand over your credit card details in order to make a deposit will be collected by online fraudsters. It’s better to discover which site or casino companies you’re most interested in signing up with first and then finding them on the internet. This way you can ensure you’re visiting their official sites and taking advantage of their current promotions.

You can always rely on secure gambling at Red Flush as well as many other well established and respected online casino sites. Sites with nothing to hide will be keen to ensure all their customers feel safe using their services and they are legally obliged to provide all the relevant details and information about their gambling licenses and any relevant governing body they belong to. Typically this information will be provided somewhere on the site in question but is usually detailed near the bottom of the home page. This information will include details about licenses and other regulations relating to a particular jurisdiction, and more often than not there will be a direct link to the sites license-related particulars. A site may also include a number of seals that will encourage player confidence, however make sure they are genuine and legitimately trusted seals relating to the gambling industry and jurisdictions in your area. Some quick online research will help you to better identity whether or not these apparent services are valid and trustworthy.