Premium Slots at Royal Vegas Online Casino

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Searching for a full-service online casino that has everything you want can take a lot of valuable time, but if you start at Royal Vegas online casino, you will quickly learn why it is one of the most popular online casinos on the Internet with thousands of new visitors each and every day.

Royal Vegas online casino slots: If you love playing a variety of slot machines, then you simply must check out the slot games at Royal Vegas; they have slots that no other casino offers, with several betting options and high payouts. Many of the slots feature five reels and several line bets that will increase your chances of winning. New slot games are added each month as well, ensuring that players always have something new to try. A few of the slots offered at Royal Vegas include the following types and games:

Megaspin Slots:

Megaspin Slots at Royal Vegas include Fantastic Sevens, Double Magic, and High Five. Playing the Megaspin Slot games is simple and exciting, and each has its own payout schedule. You can also play up to nine games at a time, and wins can occur on one or multiple slots at the same time.

Video Slots:

These slots feature state-of-the-art graphics and entertaining animations with popular games that include the following:

· Hitman
· Thunderstruck
· Thunderstruck II
· Loaded
· Isis
· Avalon
· Jane Bond

The video slots offer betting options that range from five pay-lines to 40, with an average of five reels on each game. The big rewards in these types of games is found in the bonus rounds that include scatter symbols, wild symbols, free spins, automatic spins, and more.

Progressive Payouts:

Most all of the slot games at Royal Vegas are available with progressive payouts that offer millions in rewards to those who spin the reels on these thrilling slot games. Progressive slot games at Royal include:

· King Cashalot
· Major Millions
· Mega Moolah

For high quality slot action that you can play from the comfort of your own home and in a secure online atmosphere, you don’t have to spend hours searching for the right online casino, simply visit Royal Vegas online casino slots and you’ll quickly see why it’s become one of the most popular gaming sites on the Internet.


Online Poker Freerolls

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Almost all the poker game lovers always look for different kinds of freerolls offered by various web sites. However, it becomes difficult to keep a track of the online poker freeroll especially in such a massive pool of online poker web sites.

There are several web sites, which serve as a source for the largest and best online poker freeroll schedule. On these web sites, the players get to know all the latest listings of freerolls, poker bonuses and get the links to qualify for special bonuses. these sites measures in various parameters, and are being presented normally with rates, so the users will be able to check and decide on the best choice to play.

The players also get an update about all the poker freerolls tournaments, which they can enter and win real money prizes. These tournaments are extremely exciting for poker players as they can win a prize of $1000 or even more in some of the tournaments. Various web sites such as the Poker provide freerolls with a prize of $1000. some provides even bigger bonuses than that. off course, you should also check the sites for reputation, user experience and design before start playing, regardless of the freerolls amount a site is offering.

The best part about the freerolls is that the players can risk all the chips and can still end up winning prize with a little luck. The freerolls, at almost any casino online, are the next step from play money and players come to know how they can change their game, as the stakes get higher in poker games. The sites have no problem offering the freerolls, because once it's done, the player who wishes to continue to play have to put down his own money, and that's the goal of any casino..


The Payouts in Online Casinos

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The payout percentage in an online casino refers to the average return to a player. It is also commonly known as the RTPpercentage. Out of the payout rates in the casinos, the players get around 98% or even more with a very small house hold of 2% or sometimes even less than 2%. This is true for most casino games such as online baccarat, roulette, poker etc., and also for mobile casino games which can be found on countless sites.

The best part about playing casino games on the Internet is that the payout percentage is much higher than that provided in land based casinos. This is because; many land-based casinos in Las Vegas provide a payout percent of 80-90%, which is obviously lesser than that provided online.

The main reason behind land-based casinos providing less payout is that they have higher operational expenses and overhead costs, which is almost non-existent or minimal for casinos based on the Internet. There are many online casinos, which offer a payout as high as 98.4 or even more percentage. Some of these casinos include Club World, Rushmore Casino, All Slots, Cherry Red, Silver Oak and others.

Therefore, if you are looking to have a maximum payout while you Play texas holdem poker for instance, or any other casino games, then it is advisable that you play casino games on the Internet rather than playing in land-based casinos.


All In Betting Strategy - Tips and Advice

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One of the most famous strategies existing today in poker is going All In, an act that declares you are putting in the game all of your chips, this could be the greatest or the worst move, it could make you in a turn of a card very rich or very poor instantly that's why it is considered a dangerous move, it is a powerful strategy.

With this strategy online casinos as well as players can rake in a lot of money if a player executes this strategy at the wrong time. you can check out other strategies and compare sites at there many more strategies one can apply and you can fine more about it at, among other great resources.

You have to know exactly the second to use this strategy or you will miss the point.In poker it is very important to have acting skill so you can fool the other opponents, if you are too predictable to the other players then it wont work, when you have nothing and use the All in to make other players fold make sure you have a gut feeling telling you they will fold so you wont have any surprises.

When having a lot more chips then other players you can hop on the advantage and go All in and bully the other players into folding that if you lose you lose a little but they can be out of the game.If you have nothing at all you shouldn't use All in unless you have some kind of a hand(weak) but of course you are welcome to take your chances.If you have got an amazing killer hand and you are short in chips it's a great time to go All in.


Transform Your Fruits Into Gold With A Round Of Golden Sevens

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Slot machines keep on adding some new games, at every regular interval. The latest one in the kitty is Golden Sevens, where you get to turn fruits into pure gold! Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well, playing this classic and colorful form of the slot machine is enough to win millions of hearts, at the same time! It comprises of 20 lines, along with five reels online slot. These features will help you to land up with a progressive jackpot, in no time! So, all you need to do is just spin the reels and get your required cash.

Benefits for you

For securing some of your big winnings, you have 5, 10 and 20 win lines, across the 5 reels. Not only that but also this game will also provide you with the golden opportunity to hit massive jackpot if played in proper steps. The primary aim of this game is to match 3, 4 or even five identical symbols. That needs to be done in one winning line. The winning combination will start off from the first reel, located on the left side. Then it will continue to run to the last reel on the right, to create an active winning line in the regular game.

Going towards progressive jackpot

Well, remember one thing! Symbols in winning combination are asked to lie next to one another. No other symbol is allowed to come in between. Furthermore, this Golden Sevens comprises of common form of the progressive jackpot. These are meant for the bets, placed around here. If you can add 15 X to Sevens, then it might trigger the jackpot amount! Each stake comprises of its own set of progressive jackpot. The payout amount of this jackpot session starts around 10,000 times more than your present bet!

Get to the cores more

The current 5 X 3 Reel grid is said to provide players with the choice of going for 20 pay lines. Even the big hunters are said to be quite delighted, as there are less distractions over here. Now, the reels seem to be quite colorful and bright. So, that makes it quite catchy, especially during the current big-pot hunting sessions. For the high rollers, there is a chance of winning 40,000,000 coins. However, in case, you are a small stakes player, then you can always win more than 200,000 coins!

Various platforms to play over

For playing a round of this gamble game, you don’t have to look for any specific platform. There are various platforms, where you have the liberty to enjoy this game. It can be played on laptops or even on the desktop. So, if you want to play a round, while on the go, there are mobile versions available too. These mobile versions are meant for tablets, android smartphones, and for some iPhone models, as well!


5 Facts that will change the way you think about bingo

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The introduction of online bingo has revamped the whole gambling industry. As most have adapted to this change there are yet many people who still haven’t completely got the hang of it.

To all those folks who are still pondering about playing online bingo, Here are few reasons that will change the way you think about online bingo.

1.Bingo a day keeps the doctor away:

In this fast moving world, it is very hard to maintain one’s own health. Who knew a simple game could boost your mental as well as your physical health. Playing online Bingo has various health benefits such as it teaches patience, acts as a stress reliever, helps to improve multi-tasking ability and improves your cognitive strength.

The researches have also showed that those people that play online bingo on a constant base will get the chance to have a better mental agility, their memory serves them better and they tend to be able to notice the facts that happen to be around them a lot faster compared to the others.

2.connecting people:

Just like the traditional bingo, online bingo aims at connecting people. It is slightly different as in online bingo people are connected through a virtual media and unlike the traditional bingo, it connects people all around the kingdom via their chat rooms, communities or forums. People can make new friends, share their experiences or any of their life events on these gaming platforms. What a new way to make new friends, isn’t it?

3.kills boredom:

Don’t want to stay at home? Too lazy to go out? Then online bingo is your answer. Online bingo, being a hassle free concept, is the best way to kill your boredom. As this is just about a few clicks away, and can be played even on your mobile phones, is just the best way to kill time.

4. A penny invested is a penny earned:

Fascinating, is’nt it? By depositing a little sum of amount you can gain lefty cash bonuses like free money, free spins or even real money prices. Unlike the traditional bingo, online bingo has higher payout odds as the conveyance and service charges are completely eliminated. Most of the bingo sites giveaway huge jackpots to their fans. An example of one such jackpot is Grandfather John Orchard, of Long Sutton, Lincolnshire. Job centre worker, 60, scooped world's biggest ever online bingo win after landing £5.9MILLION jackpot from a bet of just 30p. begins at home:

From time to time online bingo sites like GameVillage run special events to raise money for charity. Click to know more about GameVillage. Charity bingo is gambling with a conscience. By taking part in a worthy cause, players remove the focus from themselves and give back to others. Whether you win or lose, the outcome is good.

Now that you’ve read all the reasons, its certain that this would have surely changed the way you think about bingo. Why think twice,when the reason is just a click away.


Are you a superstitious player?

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Your alarm goes off and you snooze it exactly three times and force yourself out of bed on the fourth ring. Take nine steps to the shower and stay in there for exactly nine minutes. Everyone knows that the number three is one of the luckiest numbers so three times three has to be lucky, right? Nine steps back to the bedroom and you put on the lucky red socks, the old ones kept safe right at the bottom of the drawer. Go downstairs and take out the cracked cup, the one nobody else wants to use but you know the power it wields. Sit down at the computer at exactly nine o'clock and enrol to the poker tournament. It’s going to be your lucky day again. So why did you go through this unusual, obsessive, compulsive routine? Because that’s how you’re going to win the big prize.

Are these the kind of maddening thoughts that you find going through your mind before sitting down at the computer to play some games on your favourite casino online like ? Well, don’t worry because you are not alone. There are plenty of superstitious gamers out there who have elaborate rituals like this. Some people have routines that could make the one above sound like normal behaviour.

There are poker players who have to sit in a certain seat, or will play or not play certain hands because they deem them to be lucky or unlucky. Many poker players the world over consider two pairs of aces and eights to be unlucky and call it the dead man’s hand. This comes from a story about an old gambler in the Wild West who was shot dead while clutching this hand. Another famous poker player, Doyle Brunson, is well known for always playing a ten and a two as if they were a strong top pair. Even though his chances of winning with this hand are statistically slim, he won two major tournaments with it and believes it to be extremely lucky.

Superstitions get stronger as well when they appear to pay off. A gambler may do something in a specific way before winning a big pot and this serves to add support to the belief about the need to do the superstitious ritual. This is positive reinforcement, and it can make these behaviours very hard to break.

It is not necessarily a bad thing, though. Some studies have shown that believing in something to be lucky can actually create ‘luck’. Derren Brown did an experiment about luck where he planted the idea that there was a lucky dog statue in a town where the people believed themselves to be unlucky. After they became convinced that patting the dog’s head was lucky then their fortunes began to change. This was all down to an idea that helped them think in a more positive way. See a clip about this below. So to all you superstitious gamers out there, there’s no reason for you to give up your rituals, just try not to let them get too out of control!


What You should Know about Licensing for Online Bingo Games – and How You are Protected

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It’s always a bit risky when you play online bingo games – or at least, so it seems. It’s easy to see why so many people would be concerned with it, after all: some sites ask for credit card or debit card details, and once you’re allowed to play, there doesn’t seem to be any way of checking whether the ‘balls’ that are drawn (the numbers that are generated) are really random, or whether the computer programmers have somehow rigged the game so the house constantly wins, giving you only a small (and unfair) chance of taking the prizes. However, the game is tightly regulated and even when playing online, the reputable sites are closely monitored. Here’s what you should know about licensing for online bingo games – and how you are protected.

Why sites need a license

Without a license (issued by an agency that is authorised by a government office, the UK Gaming Commission), you’re never sure who or what kind of platform you’re dealing with. Only if the site has a license are you sure they are properly supervised to ensure everything is legitimate and that you are protected.

How you are protected

The licensing agencies have many demands, all of them to protect the customers and to ensure that the gaming is conducted in a fair and honest way. Here are some of the ways in which licensing agencies ensure all is legal:

Age verification – everyone who engages in gaming must be at least 18 years old. This is to protect minors.

Claiming your winnings – As a player or gamer, you want to be sure you can claim your winnings and that you receive what is rightfully yours.

The random numbers – The drawing of the balls happens electronically. With computer programmes, this happens with a random number generator. Licenses ensure the numbers drawn are truly random and not tampered

with. Secure information – You credit card information, as well as personal data, is safe and stored confidentially.
The company is legitimate – The website is legitimate, registered and pays taxes.

True, there might have been a time when the Internet offered sites and playing platforms that were less than honest – suspicious at the least, but those days are gone. Internet sites that offer gaming need to be licensed; those that aren’t are quickly removed. Always check the site to see whether or not they are licensed, that’s the only way you can be sure that someone is watching and making sure the game and the proceeds of the game are all legitimately dealt with and fair to everyone. If they have a UK license, then all you have to do is play your preferred bingo game and enjoy the process and your winnings.