Online Casino Games- 10 Superstitions to Remember

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Do you have a lucky charm? Read horoscopes? Have a lucky number?Are you superstitious? Do you have gambling superstitions?

The dictionary definition of superstition is actually ‘false notion’ and, similarly,the definition of superstitious is ‘fantasy, falsehood or illogical’. Nevertheless a large number of people admit to having gambling superstitions.

Does this mean they accept a lucky charm or playing only favourite and lucky number is of no benefit to them? To the contrary superstitious people generally believe an exterior fateful force can have a positive effect on their success when playing online casino games for real money.

Superstitious people actually believe in luck. So the definition of the word and people’s interpretation of it is very different.

Unquestionably the most superstitious race in the world is the Chinese and coincidentally they are also considered to be the biggest gamblers on the face of the planet.

This is not really a coincidence as studies have determined that gamblers are more suspicious than non-gamblersper-se.

Number 8 has an almost biblical status amongst gamblers in Asia, it is the ultimate ‘lucky number’. Although the western world has no such fabled single digit there is no disputing the number 7, often referred to as ‘Lucky 7’, is very popular.

Even the biggest exponents of online casino games have probably never made the connection between the number 7 and online slots with jackpots that are paid when a row of 7’s line up.

Then there is number 13, which is considered unlucky on a wholesale basis. Such is people’s distain of the number most Las Vegas hotel owners have actually omitted a thirteenth floor in their hotels!

Number 4 is also considered an unlucky number for Chinese gamblers while others, with superstitious tendencies, will actually seek out lucky numbers before starting their gambling sessions.

2005 World Series of Poker runner-up Steve Dannenmann explained, after collecting his $4.2 million winnings, that he made a point of only traveling to the daily poker sessions in a taxi that had an identification number that was an even number. I suggest the next time you enter your guts casino no deposit code, make sure it ends in an even number!

So, does your online casino gambling involve a lucky charm such as a horseshoe or four-leafed clover? Do you wear a lucky piece of clothing or specific coloured socks? If you are nodding your head right now you are fully aware that you are a superstitious person.

With the definition of superstition still not completely clear here is the top-ten ‘superstitions’,both good and bad, related to online casino gamblers as researched by Guts official website.

The colour red: Asian gamblers have a strong belief that this is a lucky colour while statistics prove roulette players gamble more on red numbers than black ones. This is a subconscious superstition.

Numbers 7&8: Immensely popular numbers in all online casino games.

Numbers 4 & 13: Generally scorned upon and considered numbers to avoid as it has inherently been described as unlucky.

Washing your hands mid-session: Some believe washing your hands when on a losing streak will bring about a change in fortune.

Lucky Charms: Be it something traditional such as a horseshoeor wacky like a fossil,some people believe having one of these charms in their hand, pocket or around their neck can and will bring better luck.

Lucky Lady: A beautiful woman sat alongside you will bring better fortune when playing the tables? Some certainly claim this although skeptics suggest such advocates are simply trying to impress their accomplices in a James Bond fashion.

Chip Touching: Naturally this does not apply to online casino gambling more so land-based casinos, but some players consider their chips ‘cursed’ if touched by another player.

Lucky Clothes:You might not wear a tie when playing online casino games at Guts but some people do and it is always the same colour. Indeed a piece of lucky clothing or even lucky coloured underwear is apparently commonplace.

Look Away Now: Not watching the ball as it drops, dice as they settle, or even reels as they stop is not a conscious traditional superstition but it is a superstition all the same as countless people do it. Some cover their screen with their hands or paper and slowly reveal the outcome.

Fingers Crossed: Finally a superstition which has become such an integral part of the English language that the physical act of doing so has been forgotten. It is fact that people, generally subconsciously, cross their fingers whilst the wheels of a slot or roulette wheel are spinning.

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Bingo Chat Phrases Are Easy And Fun To Learn

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Bingo chat phrases are introduced to aid the gamers and other chat lovers to response quickly. As chatting brings fun between friends, a quick response enhances that fun even more. Besides this, during a game, it is very essential to inform each other with an instant reaction. It can be used in a game in two ways. It can be used to have fun with an ally, and to threat or poke an opponent in a friendly way. Bingo chat phrases are procured in order to provide a quick list for these chat loving people around the world.

Online chat can be defined as an instant exchange of short text messages over the internet. This is a very strong communicative system as it requires short and prompt response. In consequence of it, a feeling similar to real life conversation arises. Numerous emotional icons, namely emoticons, have been added to express the facial impressions more effectively. As a result, a receiver will be able to contemplate the emotional status of a sender, such as smile, sad, laugh, crying, kiss, bye etc. Nowadays live emoticons are generated and used frequently. Besides that, many other funny signs are also added in every chat boxes to further the fun of chatting.

However, chat phrases are another essential part of chatting. Chat phrases are intentionally shortened forms of one or more words. These can be shortened forms of sentences as well. People around the world have generated their own versions of chat phrases. Most of them are scattered on internet. Bingo chat phrases have gathered some of them together and introduced to the chat lovers. As a result, they can chat more efficiently and communicate more quickly.

An excellent example of bingo chat phrases can be TYVM. This means Thank You Very Much. Clearly, expressing gratitude is possible typing only 4 letters in a chat box. However, sometimes by writing one letter, it is possible to express the whole sentence. If an individual sends a text writing QUEEN, that means he is requesting to ‘Save The Queen’. Apart from these characteristics of bingo phrases, another matter is that, bingo chat phrases can comprise of both letters and numbers. The benefit of it is that, it can lessen the use of letters effectively. Consequently it becomes possible to send a text very fast typing very few letters. If one types, ‘1TG’, that will mean One To Go. Again, if an individual says G2BB, that means Great To Be Back.

In a bingo chat window, it is very essential to know these phrases. To ask help from others or to communicate with any other, an instant method makes things easier. These bingo phrases are very user friendly and innovative. Therefore, they are very easy and fun to use. Even if a person is not familiar with these terms, he can do a search online at and get acquainted with these bingo chat phrases within a few minutes.

The American Roulette Wheel

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There are many derivatives of Roulette, but they all came out of the womb of the same basic game. A game where there are 36 black and red numbers and a single green coloured zero. Or that’s what most people are predisposed to think, but in fact it’s not true.

Most people who understand the gambling industry will no doubt be aware that the online and live casinos offer many different games, including slots, live casino blackjack, and usually two basic formats of Roulette: American and European. The European Roulette table contains 36 black and red numbers and a single green coloured zero, but the American Roulette Wheel contains 36 black and red numbers and two green coloured zeros (a single and double).

The house edge for a European Roulette table is 2.7% and 5.26% for its counterpart from over the pond. It is this house edge that has caused most punters to believe the European Roulette wheel came first, and was then quickly followed by the American version, once the house realised it needed to pull more money from the pockets of its consumers. In fact, the reverse is actually true.

The American Roulette wheel, resplendent with its double zero, was the first type of Roulette Wheel, and not the European version. Francois and Louis Blanc, as a way of attracting more people into their casino, designed the latter, and it is believed that the removal of the double zero actually created one of the most profitable casinos in the world. Now that’s food for thought.

Some gaming historians also believe that American tradesmen came to the U.K in the 1960s to do work with the Catholic Church on running bingo style games after changes in the gambling laws. This is how the American double zero design was introduced to the U.K and the rest of Europe. The American version was much smaller and only operated by one croupier as opposed to anywhere up to eight on the double ended French versions. The smaller Roulette Wheels were designed to fit into the smaller bars and saloons during the Gold Rush in the United States.

American Vs. European Roulette – Similarities and Differences

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On-line roulette can be great fun, largely due to the fact that it’s a game of nerve, skill and prediction. However, with games come rules and the more you know about the rules and the differences between the types of online roulette out there, the more fun you can have!

Remember the rules:

First up, remembering the rules of roulette is all part of it. Some sites, such go to the trouble of letting you know the rules in Arab nation languages and will link you to sites which accept your local currency and explain the rules using local language, which is extremely useful. In general though, roulette play is all about remembering the following:

• Pay and predict: lay down your chips on the number you predict will come up when the ball lands after its spin on the roulette wheel. Alternatively, you could place a lower odds bet on the ball stopping on a red or black number. • Spin and win: if the ball stops on the number or colour you’ve predicted (depending on your betting) then you’re a winner!

However, although the rules are few, there are several variations, depending on whether you’re playing American or European roulette:

Which Wheel:

There are two main roulette wheels, the American and European wheels (you might also hear a European wheel referred to as a French wheel). Both American and European roulette wheels have numbered slots which include the numbers 1 – 36, on red or black backgrounds. But here the similarities stop, because …

• The European Roulette wheel has 37 slots overall. The extra slot is for the number 0, which lies on a green colored bed. This 0 slot offers the “house edge” to the betting – because most bets either land on red or black! • By contrast, the American Roulette wheel two green slots – 0 and 00. Both of these are green “house” numbers, meaning that these wheels are bigger earners for the casinos as they increase the casino’s chances of winning. For this reason, where there’s a choice of playing European or American roulette, most players prefer to play the European version, as that wheel offers an increased chance of winning those larger sums!

Extra European benefits:

Some online casinos invoke a traditional European “En Prison” rule, which goes alongside playing on a European wheel. Instead of the house taking the whole stake straightaway if the ball lands on that zero, the “En Prison”rule means that the player can be refunded half of the bet. Alternatively, they could choose to leave their stake “in prison” for a further spin. This adds to the excitement of the next spin, because if the second spin result is another zero then the player loses the whole bet.

For most of these reasons, many players seem to prefer the European roulette as it’s a more player-friendly version that the American wheel, but on the whole, roulette play across most online casinos is a friendly and fun experience, whatever the nationality of wheel, casino or player!

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