Things to Know About Online Arab Casino

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With the appearance of online casinos, people no longer have to drive far away in order to play their favorite games. The new modern technology has resulted in the bigger popularity of online Arab casino, where many people can get entertained while sitting at home. Long gone are the days when you had to make travel plans and lose valuable time to go to popular gambling places. Internet casinos eliminate all problems for gamers and is now much easier for them to play their favorite game at any time of day or night or at any place they choose. All people need today is just a computer or a smartphone and a good internet connection.

The popularity of online casinos in the Arab countries

By playing in an on an online casino, people from the Arab countries can get quick access to all popular gambling games that are also played everywhere in the world. If you are legally allowed to gamble then you should know that playing games online is very easy and quick process that comes with plenty of advantages. Not only you can play to entertain yourself, but you can also earn good money along the way if you are lucky and know how to play.

If you consider all the major advantages that come from playing online you will find out that this type of gambling is popular all over the world, and especially in the Arab countries. There are several advantages that you should know about. As soon as you try it yourself you will see that this type of playing games is much better than driving a car to visit a regular casino to play.

The advantages for the players

The first advantage that comes from playing in online casinos is that you can play at your own convenience. The Internet is the most used medium in these modern times, so gaming lovers can enjoy playing everything they want from the comfort of their residence. You can play 24 hours/7 days a week and there are no limitations about where and which games you can play. All that is required is just to be connected to the internet, enter the gaming site, and enjoy playing your favorite Arab casino games.

Another advantage that comes from playing in casinos like these is the availability of many bonuses and promotions. These are very attractive for the players as they get a chance to play with more money than they have deposited. There are all kinds of bonuses like a deposit-match bonus, welcome bonus, sign-up bonus, reload bonus and many more others. With these bonuses available you can quickly increase your bankroll and make more money while playing.

With so many online games to choose from, you will constantly be entertained. You can play as many games as you want, so if you get bored with one game you have hundreds of others to choose from. Another great thing is that people can very easily deposit and withdraw their winnings from an online casino. There is a wide variety of banking options available, so start playing today and see all the benefits that come from online gaming.


Things to know before selecting an online casino

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Online casinos are an attraction for people of all ages. With all the thrill, entertainment and possibilities to earn money they offer, these virtual places have grabbed the attention of the entire world. Without any doubt, Internet-based casinos are convenient and come with some unique benefits and entertaining elements, but selecting the right one can be a tough task. Many people think that they are more or less the same, but they are not. As a matter of fact, there are a few things you should know well before signing up and becoming a registered member of any casino found on the Internet. Now here’s the list of the most important points that you should analyze.


Experts agree that this is crucial in the process of choosing the right online casino. If the casino is credible then it is a good idea to invest your money and time in it. The credibility is important for people who don’t want to waste money. Unfortunately, there are some online casinos that want to cheat, trick and scam their members with the help of hacked software or by avoiding payment in different ways. You can’t expect to win big if you are being cheated by the system. So, it’s always a good idea to conduct research just to be sure that you are dealing with a good casino. Use the Internet and the popular search engines to get more information. Learn more about their services and background. Make sure that they are licensed and confirm their email, phone and address. If the casino is affiliated with a brick and mortar casino that’s even better. Also, remember to read the terms and conditions. The HTTPS mark in front of their online address is a sign that the connection is secure.


If these virtual gambling places are old and have a relatively long history then they are probably alright. You should be very careful with casinos that are less than one year old. Use them only if you have strong recommendations.


Online casino is the best type of casino for those who want to make money while being entertained. This means that you should not opt for casinos that don’t provide different bonuses and promotions and free practice games. It is not very difficult to find casinos that provide a wide range of games, special practice games, free bonuses, tips to improve your play and other options that will make your time spent there more fun and engaging.

Pay mode

Let’s be clear when you are playing your favorite casino games on the Internet, you are investing your hard earned money. That’s why you should check the pay modes. Check what kind of option you have in case you win money and want to withdraw some of it.

All these points are not rules carved in stone, but they are good instructions that should help you find the best online casino that will meet your needs and desires.


Online Casinos that Accept Bitcoin

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  find casinos that accept bitcoins for deposits and withdrawals

There was a time when everyone wanted to gamble with PayPal and when that was the most sought-after and the most talked about payment method. These days PayPal is common. It’s old news. Bitcoin is the next big thing.

New Bitcoin casinos, sports books, poker sites and other gambling sites are cropping up all of the time. They offer something new, something different for Bitcoin owners and indeed for online gamblers.

In this article we’ll answer questions relating to Bitcoin and to Bitcoin gambling sites, telling you all you need to know about this currency and those sites.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. This means that it can be used anonymously and securely, and it is not tied to any central bank like other money is. All Bitcoins are “mined” into existence by expensive computers, and once in existence they can be used to send and receive money securely and anonymously.

All Bitcoin owners are given a Bitcoin wallet, which has a unique code. To send money to a wallet, this code is all you need. The code can not be used to take money from a wallet, which is where the security comes into play, and it does not contain any details of the user, which is where the anonymity comes it.

You keep your Bitcoin wallet just like you keep your normal wallet. It actually exists, as does the money within it. This has the benefit of meaning that only people with the physical wallet can actually have access your money (as opposed to credit cards, where the number is all they need). On the flip side, however, it means that if you lose your wallet, whether because your hard drive is erased or physically lost, then you lose your money.

It sounds bizarre in a world of virtual money, cloud computers and remote servers. But it’s true and it has happened to some users.

How Can I Get Bitcoins?

To get Bitcoins you first need to download your Bitcoin wallet. This wallet is free and can be downloaded from official sources.

Once you have your wallet you will also be given your unique Bitcoin ID. With this you can then purchase Bitcoins and have them sent to your wallet. Most Bitcoins are purchased from exchanges, where they are essentially swapped for real money in a number of currencies.

Just like any other currency, the value of Bitcoin is always fluctuating against the market. But unlike other commonly used currencies, the value of Bitcoin can drop and rise drastically and has been known to double and half in single days before.

Why Use Bitcoin for Gambling?

The main reason to use Bitcoin for gambling is if you have them already and are looking for a good way to use them. Bitcoin owners want this currency to grow, to become more common and more popular, because when that happens then the Bitcoins they own will increase in value.

But the only way that’s going to happen is if you use them more. So, Bitcoin owners need to be the ones to make the change. They need to use their Bitcoins to shop and to send money to friends. And they also need to use those Bitcoins to gamble. Only then will the change begin to happen.

From the standpoint of someone who doesn’t own Bitcoins yet, the best reason to get involved is because this really could be the currency of the future. If you get involved, not only will you have something that is easy, quick and safe, but you’ll have something that could be worth 10x more than it is now in a very short period of time.

Bitcoin Gambling Pros and Cons

To clarify the upsides and downsides of Bitcoin casinos and Bitcoin gambling on the whole, here are some pros and cons:


  • Anonymity: There is a long paper trail behind every other payment method out there. They are all attached to your name, your credit and your address. That’s not true for Bitcoin though, which could be just what some players need.
  • Safety: Bitcoins are completely safe. There is no fear of giving your details to many different sites, because unlike card numbers and bank account numbers, those details can’t be used to rob you blind.
  • Speed: Bitcoins are processed very quickly. There is no need to wait several days like there is with cards and bank transfers and Bitcoins are often just as fast as methods like PayPal and Skrill.
  • Bonuses: As discussed in more detail a little later on, there is a lot of competition between Bitcoin casinos. They are all vying for your business and one of the ways they try to get it is by offering bigger and bigger bonuses. This is something that you can take advantage of as a player, moving from one big bonus to the next.


  • Value: The value of Bitcoins is constantly increasing. This can be a good thing, as it can go up. But it can also be a bad thing, leaving you down before you even play your first game.
  • Intimidating: Let’s be honest, Bitcoins can be a little intimidating for people new to this industry. The news stories about them don’t help, nor does the fact that they are commonly used for nefarious purchases. Bitcoins are safe and perfectly acceptable, but those stories and that reputation can put some people off.
  • Loss: Another issue that users face is the fear that a virus will wipe their wallet out and they will lose everything. That’s why many users prefer to keep it on a removable hard drive, and one that doesn’t contain anything else (thus preventing potential viruses and spyware) and why they even choose to keep it on a cloud.

Do All Casinos Accept Bitcoin?

Not all casinos accept this payment method. In fact, the majority of them do not. It’s not a payment method you will find alongside other methods and listed on the biggest casinos. It’s one that is specialized, and therefore one that tends to be available on its own.

Bitcoin casinos are created exclusively with the idea of providing a platform through which players can gamble with Bitcoin. But overall, they are much smaller in number than the casinos that do not accept Bitcoin.

gamble online with Bitcoin casinos

Can I Still Get Bonuses with Bitcoin?

Of course! In fact, there are actually many bigger bonuses available on Bitcoin casinos than there are on other casinos.

There are many reasons for this, but the main reason is that Bitcoin casinos are competing against a saturated market. They are new, they are different, and they are not as popular as a result. In order to convince players to give them a go and to put their trust in them, Bitcoin casinos are offering bigger and better bonuses than their rivals.

That may not last for long and will probably stop when the player numbers grow. But for now, this is a perfect time to signup and take advantage of some very generous bonuses.

Is Bitcoin Better Than Other Methods?

It’s all about preference really and it wouldn’t be fair or honest for us to say that Bitcoin was “better” than any other method. It can certainly be quicker and safer than many others and it’s also anonymous, which other methods are not.

However, it’s also not as easy to acquire and many users will consider it too much of a risk. So, again, it’s all about preference. The only thing we can recommend tis that you get out there and try it for yourself, because that’s the only way you’ll ever find out if it’s for you.

The Best Bitcoin Casinos

So, where can you find the best Bitcoin casinos? Well, you need to look in unusual places, because this is a new trend and one that the big casinos and the most well known names just haven’t gotten involved with.

We have some info on this site that can help you out. But you should always be prepared to do your research and to venture away from the big names that you’re used to.


You probably have a lot of questions about Bitcoins and Bitcoin casinos, especially if you’re new to this trend. Don’t worry though, as we have the answers to all of those questions. There are many more articles on this site that can help you with Bitcoin gambling, online casino gambling and more. For now, take a look at our Bitcoin casino FAQ and see if we can answer your questions.

Are Bitcoin Casinos Safe?

Bitcoin are just as safe as any other online casino or sports book. They follow the same rules, they use the same regulators and they acquire the same licenses. As a result, you need to be just as meticulous in studying them.

Is My Money Safe?

Your money is completely safe on most Bitcoin casinos, providing they abide by the rules and are regulated. So, this is something that you should check in advance, making sure that they are official and that your money is safe as a result.

Another plus side is that Bitcoin is very safe as a currency. If you give your credit card details to a site that you’re not sure about then they may end up taking your money and there will be very little that you can do about it.

However, because there is no way to steal money from someone just because you have their Bitcoin wallet ID, this is not something your will need to worry about with a Bitcoin casino. We would still recommend that you play it safe and do your research in advance, but if anything does happen then you will always have the guarantee provided by this safe, secure and anonymous currency.

Can I Use my Mobile Device?

You shouldn’t have an issue using your mobile device on a Bitcoin casino. This industry has taken to the mobile market just like any other, and all major Bitcoin casinos have mobile versions of their software available.

As with all mobile casinos, you may be better off just visiting through your mobile browser than trying to download the mobile version of your software. However, not all Bitcoin casinos can be played through browsers, so you may need to download anyway.

Are Bitcoin Casinos Fair?

Bitcoin casinos are as fair as any other online casino. However, they don’t always use the same software and tend to offer their own games and their own way of doing things.

So, this means that you can’t always rely on a big name developer keeping you safe. Most of the time if you see Net Ent, Playtech, Microgaming or other big brand software you know you’re playing safe and fair right off the bat. But if those brands aren’t being used then that won’t be the case.

So, make sure that the site’s software is audited and make sure that you read the audit report. This will tell you if that Bitcoin casino is fair, and it will also show you what sort of payouts their games have and how safe the rest of the site is.

What Should I Look Out For?

Just like any other casino, you need to make sure that the Bitcoin casino you plan on joining is fully licensed and regulated. All casinos, whether they accept Bitcoin or not, need to be regulated and they will all display the regulator information at the bottom of their main page.

They should also use the latest in encryption technology. Just because the payments are more secure doesn’t mean they can relax in this department. So, make sure that their servers are safe and that your connection to the site is secure at all times.


Bitcoin is one of the most exciting currencies and investments right now. It’s one that is changing the way we shop and send money, and one that could change the way we gamble as well.

Bitcoin is the future, and if you like to gamble and want to be a part of that future, then you should signup for a Bitcoin casino today and start playing. Who knows, this currency may just take off overnight, leaving you with a huge profit even before you play your first hand of blackjack or take your first spin on a slot machine.


Blackjack Live Dealer

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Blackjack live dealer games are a great way to enjoy this ancient card game in the modern age. There are more and more live dealer games being added to online casinos and this is one of the most popular. So, just what makes live dealer blackjack so appealing, how do you play it, and how does it work?

play live dealer blackjack for real money on the best casinos

How Blackjack Live Dealer Works

Blackjack live dealer is simply a game of blackjack that takes place in a semi-virtual environment. There is a dealer sitting behind a table dealing a deck of cards on an official blackjack table. The difference is that the players are behind their computers and not behind the seats, and that all of their moves are triggered virtually.

It probably sounds a little odd to someone who hasn’t played it before, but if you enjoy blackjack and want something that simulates the environment of a real casino then it’s worth a play.

Which Developers Have Blackjack Live Dealer Games?

All of the big developers can facilitate games of live dealer blackjack, roulette and more. That’s why you will find them on the biggest Microgaming and Playtech casinos, as well as many others.

However, the casino themselves also need to play a role in bringing the live dealer games to life. They need to add it to the website, they need to fund it and they need to source a lot of what makes it. As a result, it’s the casino as opposed to the developer that makes the ultimate decision.

You will find live dealer blackjack games on the biggest and best casinos, as well as many emerging casinos, casinos with big advertising budgets and casinos that are attached to large sports books. There are hundred of them out there and there are more and more being added all of the time as it becomes cheaper, easier and more accessible.

Live Dealer Blackjack Versus Online Blackjack

One of the things that will frustrate online blackjack players is the fact that live dealer blackjack is very slow. You need to wait for a seat, you need to wait for the cards to be dealt, and you need to wait for other players to take their turns.

If you’re used to playing online blackjack, which moves very quickly and delivers instant gratification, then this can be a frustrating experiencing. If you don’t mind things moving a little slower and you’re looking for an immersive experience, then live dealer blackjack may be the better option.

Live Dealer Blackjack Versus Offline Blackjack

How does live dealer blackjack stack up against the real thing? After all, that’s what it’s trying to mimic.

Well, the benefits of slower play, real dealers and a more communal setting are all there. One of the benefits of live dealer blackjack is the fact that you can still play from the comfort of your home, and you can benefit from the many bigger bonuses offered by online casinos.

On the flip side, you simply can’t beat the real thing. If you want to sit at a real table, play with real cards and real chips, then live dealer blackjack games come close, but they don’t quite tick all of the boxes.

Which Sites Have Blackjack Live Dealer Games?

play and win with live dealer blackjack on the best casinos

Live dealer games are widely available and they don’t require too much effort for the casinos to offer them. However, they can be costly, so they need to justify them, which means they need to make sure that players will sit down to play them.

Think about it this way: these games move slower than standard virtual games, there are limited spaces available and they have similar house edges. So, while the casino can earn the same amount of money per hand, there are far fewer hands played. Add the fact that these games cost the casino a lot more to run, and you begin to understand why only the biggest and most popular casinos have them.

And just because a casino has live dealer games doesn’t mean they have blackjack games. It’s easier, cheaper and more profitable for them to offer games of roulette, as it just takes 1 dealer and 1 wheel to satisfy the needs of countless players. So, for many averaged sized casinos, it’s not unusual to discover they have live dealer games, but that none of those games include blackjack.

The Rules of Live Dealer Blackjack

If you know the rules of blackjack then you will know the rules of live dealer blackjack. It’s the same game, and the only thing that has changed is the setting.

The difference between live dealer blackjack and traditional online blackjack is the fact that there is a real dealer, a real deck of cards and a real table. You take your seat and you play like you would usually, only there is a much stronger sense of realism to the whole experience.

In regards to payouts, insurance, side bets and other blackjack rule variations, it all depends on the individual live deal blackjack game. Some casinos like to keep things simple, so they don’t have any extras and just use Classic Blackjack rules. Others like to incorporate side bets, rule changes and bonuses as a way of making things a little more exciting.

The first thing you should do before you take your virtual seat is check with the rules. These should be available on the live dealer blackjack section of the casino, and they may also be displayed on the game table itself.

Blackjack Live Dealer Limits

There are no micro stakes on live dealer games, as the casino just doesn't generate enough money from these to cover costs. Instead, the smaller stake games tend to cost around $1 to $5 minimum and go all of the way up to tens of dollars. These are the most common games and the ones that the casinos tend to have the most tables and dealers for.

There are also high roller games. These generate easy money for the casino and are just as easy to setup, so you should be able to find them on most live dealer casinos. On high roller games the single hand limits are in the thousands, but you need a minimum of at least $50 (and in some cases much more) just to sit down and play.

If you do play on high roller live dealer games then you should check to see if there are VIP bonuses available first. Most casino offer them, so if one doesn’t then just leave and find another that does.

Blackjack Live Dealer Bonuses

Live dealer blackjack bonuses are often paid out separately to standard online casino bonuses. In some cases, the New Member Bonus you get for signing up to a casino can not be used on the live dealer games. And in most cases, the bonuses offered on those live dealer games can not be used elsewhere.

This isn’t always the case, but many casinos like to keep their live dealer games separately. It’s probably because these games move slowly, which means it would take hours for you to use a bonus, which just doesn’t appeal to the casinos.

On the flip side, these games require a lot of effort and investment from the casino, so they want to do all that they can to make sure that people play on them. One of the ways they entice you in is to offer no deposit bonuses, matched deposit bonuses and other bonuses. These are often available for live dealer blackjack games as well as live dealer roulette and other games.

Blackjack Live Dealer Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Live dealer blackjack games use the same deposit and withdrawal methods as the rest of the casino. They also have the same limits, the same restrictions and the same timeframes.

You just need to load money into your casino account and then use it throughout the site. If you have a bonus, then you may be able to use this as well (although, as discussed above, that isn’t always the case).

This means that you can play live dealer blackjack with everything from PayPal and Skrill to credit cards, debit cards and wire transfers, depending on which methods the individual casino accepts.


learn how to win at blackjack with live dealer blackjack tips

Sill have a few questions about live dealer blackjack games? This list of frequently asked questions should be able to help.

Can I Play Blackjack Live Dealer On my Android?

Blackjack live dealer games are compatible with most Android devices. Not only that, but many of them are created specifically with these devices in mind as the developers know that the mobile gambling market is growing and is already bigger than the desktop gambling market.

The problem with Android is that real money gambling apps are not allowed in the Google Play Store. To get around this you will need to download the app directly from the casino website. You may also need to change your settings to allow “downloads from third party providers”.

Many users are put off when they see this, worried that because it’s not on the official store it’s not an official app. But that’s simply not the case and it’s just because Google don’t want to facilitate online gambling.

Can I Play Blackjack Live Dealer on my Apple Device?

As with Android devices, Apple iPhone and iPads are also compatible with live dealer blackjack games. However, unlike Android there are no issues with online gambling, which means you should be able to find the app you seek in the App Store.

If not, then you can simply download it from the website. If so you will also need to change your settings to allow apps from third-party developers.

Apple devices are perfectly suited for live dealer games. They are quick, they are effortless and they also have the retina display, which means everything looks fantastic and feels intuitive.

Do I Need a Fast Computer?

Live dealer games are designed to be as compatible as possible, so unless you’re using an antique, then you shouldn’t have much of an issue.

You will need a decent internet connection though, as these games need to stream data fairly quickly in order to function properly. So, make sure you have an unlimited allowance and that your connection is fast.

If you do encounter problems with speed, then try to play during off-peak times. You should also reduce the strain on your computer by limiting the amount of applications and browser windows that you have open at any given time.

Can I Play Blackjack Live Dealer with Friends?

This should be easy in theory, but it’s not quite that simple. There are often several tables on a single casino, with allocated seats for each of them and a queue of people waiting to sit down. If you and your friend join the same casino and the same game, then you might be able to sit next to each other.

However, casinos want to avoid collusion between players, so they don’t give you an easy way to do this. In other words, there is no way to invite friends or to find where friends are playing on the majority of online casinos.

This might change in the future when casinos realize that there is a market for multiplayer real money blackjack games. But right now, it’s not something that is widely available.

What Other Live Dealer Games Can I Play?

The most common live dealer game is roulette, followed by blackjack. These are the two biggest games in any casino, and they are also well suited to the live dealer setup, so they were both a natural choice.

On many casinos, these are the only two games you will find, but others are gradually being introduced. Live dealer craps is becoming more and more popular and is another game that is well suited for this setup, while we may also see games like poker, Pai Gow and Sic Bo in the near future.


Live dealer blackjack games are a great way to play this historic card game. Live dealer games have thrust online casinos into a new age, and while they haven’t quite become as popular as developers imagined they would be, they still offer a wealth of new features and experiences to players.

What’s more, these live dealer games could be a stepping stone to something bigger, something better and something that will change the face of online gambling forever.

This is an exciting time, and we for one can’t wait to see what the online gambling industry comes up with next.


Differences Between Poker and Other Casino Gambling Games

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There is nothing quite as thrilling a laying down cold hard cash for the chance at big prizes. The bigger the risk the bigger, the thrills when it come to the glitz and glamour of casino games. When it comes to the exciting array of games of chance, however, one game stands apart.

What makes Poker different from other casino games?

Poker is unlike any other casino games online

Poker can be every bit as thrilling and exciting as slots, craps or blackjack, but there is much controversy about how different it is from the other games found on the casino floor. The controversy circles around the question, “Is poker a game of chance or a game of skill?”

The experts at webxcon have presented a list of the biggest differences you will notice between poker and other casino games. This is essential information to anyone who is interested in testing their mettle at this classic game. Here are the main points:

Biggest Differences Between Poker and Casino Games

1. Chance or Skill

The biggest difference between poker and the other games you will find in a casino is the list of champions: Why is it that there are consistent poker champions while games like blackjack or roulette see no such fortunes? Why is it that novice players and those with no talent lose over time while some go from victory to victory? Is this all luck?

If it were simply luck, why is it that names like Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius and Daniel Negreanu have become so famous? These big time players make an appearance at the championship finales consistently. They don’t even need professional careers, unless you consider the skills they apply to their game a career.

It is a deeper understanding of the poker games that allows these professionals to make it to the top again and again. There is no such deeper understanding of craps or slots that would allow such a consistent victory.

Pokers deeper strategies and dynamics can be studied and applied with deft skill for many consecutive wins, making this activity a game of skill and less a game of chance.

2. Bad Hands Can Still Win

Another aspect of poker that makes it unique in comparison with the other games on the casino floor, is that the hand you are presented is not what decides victory. In poker you can be dealt the worst hand imaginable and still come out on top through skillful execution of strategy and deception. This is another place where the skill, rather than chance, determines the winner.

You simply can’t approach any other casino game with skill and deception and hope for a win. If the symbols don’t line up, if the cards are bad or if the dice rolls snake eyes you lose, you lose. Unless you are playing poker.

The University of Denver published a report in 2012 that proved the vast majority (82%) of online poker games were decided without a showdown. This means that the way bets are handled and the cards are played that decides who comes out a winner.

(Click here to find some helpful information on coming out on top in a poker match by understanding the basics of bluffing)

3. No House Edge

House edge is what ensures the casino makes some cash off the services they provide. It could be said that games like blackjack, roulette and even slots are all “rigged”. It is necessary to beat the house edge in the short term, if you hope for success.

Without the house edge, casinos would hardly have a chance at making the fortunes they do. But, poker has no such “house edge”, instead the casino takes a portion from each “pot” that is created. The game is played against other visiting gamers rather than the house itself, as other games are. This means that deciding factor in poker is the capacity to “outplay” the other poker players at your table.

4. Chance VS. Risk and Uncertainty

The thrills of gambling come from the possibility of losing all that cash juxtaposed with the possibility of making a big win. But the chance of winning at the roll of the dice, is not the same risk involved in playing a hand of poker.

Imagine you have been dealt a two-pair hand in a game of Texas Hold'em and have convinced you partner to go all in. As you and your opponent reveal your cards you might feel confident when you see he is holding a flush draw, a flush without the final card.

Tension builds as the first card is turned, but it’s a brick (not the card he wanted). Then comes the river and with it the final card your opponent needed for the flush. You have lost to an underdog and many would consider this luck and chance determining the game.

But a skillful poker player knows the individual hand is not what matters when winning in poker, but the way the game is played in the long term. It may not be possible to guarantee the hands that are dealt, but it is possible to change the underlying strategy being applied to the game to ensure more individual wins than losses.

When you look at the game from this perspective, you can see that winning is not based on blind chance but on a mathematical certainty that is being decided by the most skilled person at the table.

In this sense, poker is as much a game of gambling as playing the stock market. While there is an extraordinary amount of uncertainty involved with the practice, winning comes from consistently clever decisions rather than fortune’s smile.

In Conclusion

There are plenty of factors that differentiate poker from the other games of chance found on the casino floor. Nevertheless, if you hope to be successful in the game of poker you will need to know why this game is so different and what the best approaches and strategies that bring domination in this highly competitive game of wits are.